Selected Recycling Industry Information Sources

Select Industry Recycling Initiatives
The Recycling Partnership

Closed Loop Partners

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Municipal Solid Waste Facts and Figures
Links to the latest national estimates of waste generation, recovery and disposal, based on the long-standing report series providing data as far back as 1960.

More Recycling – Plastics Recycling Publications
Access to recent plastics recycling industry data, as well as many different plastics recycling industry reports, presentations and articles.

Container Recycling Institute – Facts and Figures
This long-standing advocacy organization maintains links to a wide range of useful information on plastic, glass and aluminum beverage container recycling trends and issues.


Selected Sustainable Materials Management Information Sources

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Sustainable Materials Management: The Road Ahead
EPA’s main Web Page on sustainable materials management provides a wealth of data on materials use trends and impacts, and a link to The Road Ahead, presenting a systematic framework and agenda for defining and advancing the principles of sustainable materials management. The site also provides links to many other related federal activities and useful information sources.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality – Materials Management Program
Oregon DEQ has emerged as a leading proponent of sustainable materials management. This page provides links to Materials Management in Oregon: 2050 Vision and Framework for Action, as well as links to numerous background documents.

West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum
Sponsored by U.S. EPA, the Forum involves local and state agency representatives and others. This website is one of the most comprehensive sources of information and links on sustainable materials management, including recordings of past webinars that serve as training sessions on many different topics.

Recycling and Material-Specific Industry Associations

Aluminum Association

American Chemistry Council

American Forest & Paper Association

Association of Post-Consumer Plastic Recyclers

Can Manufacturers Association

Construction Materials Recycling Association

Glass Packaging Institute

North American Hazardous Materials Management Association

Rubber Manufacturers Association

Society of the Plastics Industry

Steel Recycling Institute
Information on steel recycling.

U.S. Composting Council