Market & Industry Research

Sample Projects:

Beverage Container Recycling Cost Analysis
Jointly conducted site visits and analyzed the costs of 140 facilities that recycle glass, aluminum and plastic, under the Beverage Container Recycling Program, Processing Fee and Handling Fee Cost Surveys, administered by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). (Subcontractor to Crowe-Horwath, LLP)

Texas Recycling Data Initiative
Helped design and conduct two recycling industry studies in the State of Texas, and led research on paper, plastic, metals and glass end-use facilities. The most recent final report, prepared for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, is available here. (Subcontractor to Burns & McDonnell).

Annual California Scrap Tire Market Studies
Since 2008, Ed Boisson has led research and served as primary author of annual California Scrap Tire Market Reports for the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). The reports help inform public policy and private businesses involved in California’s tire recycling industry.
Download the latest report.

California Waste and Recycling Infrastructure Project
Ed Boisson managed the contractor team that compiled a complete inventory of waste and recycling facilities in California. The project also involved developing a capacity projection model to analyze the need for new infrastructure under various scenarios.

Commercial Organics Collection and Processing
Ed Boisson led a review of the initial performance of San Jose’s commercial organics recovery and recycling program to identify opportunities to increase material recovery and quality levels.

Businesses and Environmentalists Aligned for Recycling (BEAR), Multi-Stakeholder
Recovery Project for Beverage Containers

Boisson Consulting managed a multi-stakeholder project to evaluate the costs, benefits and performance of alternative beverage container recycling policies, and secured signed endorsements of the project findings from diverse industry, environmental and governmental participating organizations.