Program/Policy Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Sample projects:

State of Connecticut – Strategies to Boost Recycling Rates
As part of a report on options to modernize recycling infrastructure and expand markets in the State of Connecticut, Ed Boisson analyzed policies throughout North America and developed recommendations to help Connecticut increase its recycling rate from 34 percent to 60 percent. (Subcontractor to Skumatz Economic Research Associates).

Analysis of Local Advanced Disposal Fee System Implementation
For StopWaste.Org, Ed Boisson led an evaluation and cost analysis of implementing a local advanced disposal fee system to help fund household hazardous waste operations.

Analysis of Scrap Tire Extended Producer Responsibility and Incentive Policies
Ed Boisson led a review of scrap tire policies in nine U.S. states and in Canadian provinces, and evaluated the potential impacts, costs and benefits of implementing extended producer responsibility or incentive policies for scrap tires in California.

Electronics Recycling Cost Analysis
Ed Boisson designed the cost reporting system and led two annual Net Cost Studies under the California Electronics Recycling Program. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) used the information to evaluate changes in program fees and funding levels.