Project Management and Coordination

Projects and initiatives in the recycling and materials management field often involve many different players such as recycling companies, product brand owners and suppliers, local and state agencies, environmental organizations, local business and community members and/or other stakeholders.  Success requires a highly organized and sustained focus on desired outcomes, and keeping teams and stakeholders on the same page as they implement a clear and efficient work plan. Ed Boisson has developed and honed these skills in several large, complex and/or controversial projects.

Project Examples:

Businesses and Environmentalists Aligned for Recycling (BEAR), Multi-Stakeholder
Recovery Project for Beverage Containers

Boisson Consulting managed a multi-stakeholder project to evaluate the costs, benefits and performance of alternative beverage container recycling policies, and secured signed endorsements of the project findings from diverse industry, environmental and governmental participating organizations.

Recycling Economic Development Training and Investment Forums
While serving as the Northeast Recycling Council Executive Director, Ed Boisson oversaw the development of a recycling industry training program for local economic development officials in 10 Northeast states, and coordinated with investor organizations to organize a series of Recycling Investment Forums.

California Scrap Tire Market Development Program Evaluation
Ed Boisson managed an evaluation of California’s $35million per year scrap tire recycling market development program. The project included facilitating an Advisory Group; documenting market trends, barriers and opportunities, evaluating alternative policies and programs and developing recommendations that fit CalRecycle’s unique context.