Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Engagement

At its best, strategic planning allows an organization to both recognize and transcend its unique resources and constraints, while rallying individuals around a common sense of purpose.  Boisson Consulting has worked effectively with recycling stakeholders of all stripes. We understand that stakeholders usually agree on more than they may realize, and that finding common ground and interests is the essence of success.

Sample projects:

California Scrap Tire Market Development Program Evaluation
Ed Boisson managed an evaluation of California’s scrap tire recycling market development program. The project included facilitating an Advisory Group; interviewing staff and stakeholders, documenting market trends, barriers and opportunities, evaluating alternative policies and programs and developing recommendations that fit CalRecycle’s unique context.

New York State Scrap Tire Market Development Strategic Plan Ed Boisson co-managed a project to research New York State scrap tire generation and management infrastructure, and to develop a strategic plan for scrap tire recycling market development, with input from industry stakeholders.